APRIL 15, 2015: Olivia Block's Karren LP is now back in stock! 

They are $15ppd. within the US. Please add an additional $12 for Canada and $15 for overseas orders. Detailed rdering instructions are at the bottom of this page.


March 2014: GIBSON/RECODER/BLOCK limited DVD sets available now!

For our last release we have produced a limited edition DVD release featuring a collaboration of Olivia Block(sound) and Sandra Gibson + Luis Recoder(film visuals). There are two versions(a gallery edition-over sized box, cloth bound) of 30 copies and the “regular” edition (of 60 copies)in heavy cardstock. Both were hand crafted by artisan bookbinder and bookmaker Amy Borezo at her Shelter Bookworks.

The gallery edition is now sold out
The regular edition is $25 ppd within the US, $30 overseas

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Both OLIVIA BLOCK and  MIKE BULLOCK'S vinyl only releases are now available! Both are limited edition with beautiful covers. In addition, Block's release includes a digital download code. More info can be found on their release entries under our catalog section with sound samples available.

Weird Weeds: in 2012 Sedimental released a vinyl only edition of all new material from this enigmatic and compelling Austin cadre which has been given high praise in Pitchfork and Foxy Digitalis among others. Please click on catalog or Sedimental logo for more info.

Black Forest Fire's "Transit of Venus" LP (limited to 500 copies) was also released in 2012 with this spare and melancholic shoe-gaze stunner from Austin, TX.


past releases:

RICCARDO DILLON WANKE-to r.s.(sedcd057)

-RDW’s follow up to his lauded Caves release for Sedimental in 2008 continues his highly refined and subtle use of acoustic and electronic sound sources. A master of minimalistic warmth. Limited to 500 copies and in the classic Sedimental plastic free sleeve. $10 ppd within US, $19 outside

"Intimate, delicate, melodious and romantic music.... poetic, meditative and extremely introspective. Brilliant." -from Italy's leading Music Magazine Blow Up and its editor Stefano Bianchi

Mike Shiflit's #1 release of 2010


CORRIDORS-corridors (sedcd058)

-The first full length cd from Byron Westbrook’s Corridors project. Meticulously and seamlessly mixed live guitar drones specifically assembled for this release. Limited to 500 copies and housed in a custom oversized sleeve.
$10 ppd within US, $19 outside

Press highlights too numerous to mention!


Released  Spring of 2010:



-Boston based electronic artist whose work recalls certain bleak atmospheres and sensibilities of many mid-80s post industrial artists: menacing, pulsating, and droning. Her work is not overt or obvious though, instead inserting its way into your system like a deadly parasite or virus. The order of material on the disc was skillfully assembled to work as a whole in this way and we recommend listening to it rather loudly with the shades drawn. 

Sedimental cd056, fifty-minute compact disc housed in our unique plastic-free four color panel cardstock sleeve with spine. The pressing is limited to 500 copies $10 ppd within US, $19 outside

Press highlight from Shannon Smith on Foxy Digitalis:
oddly captivating and yet chilling at the same time. It’s a truly unique sound, one that scares and yet invites."


ALESSANDRO BOSETTI-Zwolfungen (twelve portraits of languages I don''t understand)  sedcd055

60-minute compact disc with original artwork by Baltimore artist Erin Womack and handmade letterpress ten-panel cardstock sleeves by Shelter Bookworks The pressing is limited to 500 copies, however Sedimental has only 250 copies available for wholesale/direct sale to its network. Please act quickly if interested! $10 ppd within US, $19 outside

WIRE Magazine top Outer Limits release for 2010


ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS:  All titles are priced under their individual entry and are inclusive of postage within the U.S. If outside the U.S. please add $9 per title to cover international to shipping for CDs and $15 for LPs. Please total your complete order and send that amount from your Paypal account to: - if you do not have a Paypal account please e-mail us for alternate payment method.