SILLAGE(B. Murray & S. Nehil): sillage

sedcd049 | Released in 2007 | Ltd Edition 500 copies | $10 sillage

Sillage is Brendan Murray and Seth Nehil in collaboration Certainly amongst our most challenging releases, Sillage is the mind-blowing collaboration of Brendan Murray and Seth Nehil and is the result of a first meeting in a live setting from 2004, a performance that was loud, powerful, and very successful. This event combined with knowing these electronic sound artists previous work as generally maximalist and full makes Sillage both curious and nearly shocking in this light, as here the material is continually turning inward, trying to push out but always being submerged. This document takes many, many listens and can remain baffling and impenetrable. Yet with patience one does get underneath it, and once this happens the sonic rewards are otherworldly and deep. Followers of either or both artists work should recognize his particular contributions but this venture has provoked new and uncharted territory from both.

some press clips:

ďThereís a shapeliness thatís unusual in abstract music of this kind, and no matter how fractured, layered or collage-like the sounds become, they always seem to fit the immediate purpose, the requirements of the composition, and the trajectory of the CD as a whole. Sillage, is a hugely satidfying piece of work.Ē-Brian Marley in the November WIRE