RAMBUTAN: Parallel Systems (2xCD)

SEDCD069/TD112 | Released in 2021 | 300 copies | $18 Parallel Systems (2xCD)

Two CDs (146 minutes) of thirty-three audio collages created with original contributions from sixty-nine artists and nine countries including members of Fugazi, Minutemen, Mission of Burma, Trumans Water, Sebadoh, Olivia Tremor Control, Wolf Eyes, Reynols, and a host of contemporary sound explorers


The alarmingly creative and industrious Eric Hardiman has anchored in Albany, NY a multi-decade hub of individual, collaborative and cross-pollinating experimental music activities and projects, recently manifested in the Sky Furrows LP (2020) and the Spiral Wave Nomads LP (2021), his ongoing cd series with John Olson, solo as Rambutan and complemented the prolific Tape Drift label he curates and runs. The supportive and open nature to create (and release) music with other like-minded and diverse musicians and artists in both live and other settings clearly underpins the awe-inspiring achievement that is Parallel Systems both in its sheer scope but also in the thoughtful and stunningly crafted assembling of the audio contributions into a multitude of complex but spacious sound works. As Hardiman writes:

This project is a collection of collage works that I created during 2020 and early 2021. As a way to keep my mind busy and fend off the creeping dread of the pandemic, I invited a group of friends, acquaintances and musical heroes from across the globe to contribute an original recording. My task was to take the raw sounds and combine them in new and unexpected ways. I imagine each track as its own "parallel system", a mysterious sonic world of its own.

As the tracks began to emerge, I envisioned the various contributors working together in the same room in a true collaboration. Imagining these weird social and sonic juxtapositions helped guide the project. In the end, there were 69 contributors from 9 different countries, spread across 33 tracks. Although many of the sounds have been edited, excerpted, mangled, and otherwise manipulated, my primary goal was to let the musical DNA and personality of each person shine through.

I am deeply grateful to all the contributors and their willingness to trust in the process. 

As one such contributor (but also friend and peer with our own Sedimental label) Hardiman shared the final works for thoughts and feedback on the content and running order and it immediately revealed itself as a musical effort of the highest order, transcending experimental genres and eras and clearly something special for the ages, born born out of particularly challenging period of our current age.

With no original intent from Hardiman to release this project beyond Bandcamp digitally, Sedimental felt it imperative that Parallel Systems be made material (which on creative terms alone it deserves, but also) as an index of so many active and creative artists around the planet as well as a marker that is the paradox of this pandemic period with an elegant and triumphant outcome.

Collage works created with original contributions from:

Mike Barrett   Jeff Barsky   Frank Baugh   Sindre Bjerga   Andreas Brandal   Gayle Brogan   Mike Bullock   Fraser Burnett   Grant Capes   Jon Collin   Roberto Conlazo   Anla Courtis   Euan Currie   Phil Donnelly   Malcy Duff   Paul Fagoaga   Bob Fay   Tim Feeney   John Fernandes   Rob Forman    Glen Galloway   Jennifer Gelineau   Mike Griffin   Paul Haney   Ben Harbert   Claire Hardiman   Eric Hardiman   Graham Hardiman   Ray Hare   Ceylan Hay   Holland Hopson   A.F. Jones   Michael Kiefer   Campbell Kneale   Thomas Lail   Todd Lent   Brian Lucas   Walker Martin   [Sandy Milroy   Melanie Ó Dubhsláine   John Olson   Andrew Paine   Arttu Partinen   Guy Picciotto   Jefferson Pitcher   Michael Potter  Peter Prescott        Chris Robert  Ali Robertson   Derek Rogers   Donna Savoy   Jon Schlesinger   Karen Schoemer  John Schoen   Mary Staubitz   Howard Stelzer   Steubs   Rhian Thompson   Phil Todd   Antti Tolvi   Michael Troutman   Joe Tunis   Scott Verrastro   Russ Waterhouse   Mike Watt   Patrick Weklar   Matt Weston   Turner Williams   Peter Wright

All tracks were conceptualized, constructed and mixed by Eric Hardiman (Rambutan) in Delmar, NY 2020- ‘21. Thank you to everyone who participated and helped.

Albany NY’s Eric Hardiman performs solo as Rambutan as well as in multiple band configurations (Burnt Hills, Century Plants, Spiral Wave Nomads, Sky Furrows). He has also recorded and performed in several collaborative improvisation sessions with John Olson (Wolf Eyes) and Jeff Case (Burnt Hills). Rambutan recordings have been released on LP (Fabrica Records, Tape Drift), cassette and cdr (numerous labels). Eric explores sonic territory that is darkly experimental, psychedelic and hypnotic, using a range of instrumental strategies and approaches. “In his solo work as Rambutan, Hardiman adeptly combines noise with an austere melodicism, bringing together other diverse elements like dub and musique concrete in a syncretic union” (Foxy Digitalis). Byron Coley says, “In this guise, Eric creates thick, lardy waves of guitar/amp psychedelia in a direction not unlike Dead C or Gate” (The Wire).