sedcd034 | Released in 2003 | 500 copies | $10 sunder, unite

Sunder, Unite began with the destruction of musical sources through the insertion of silence and/or faulty connection. It continued with the playing of small objects, fire and grass on our tour of Japan in 2000, being multiplied on many small speakers in each space and recorded in these situations.  Sources continued to be recorded in our locations, train stations, a market in Kyoto... Sounds were traded and holes punched in, surfaces distorted. Transparencies of sound were overlaid and cut, residues remain.  We followed an ever-shifting ground and rate-of-change. A skip and fade, an intuitive mix and then traded again.  The crumbling recording of metal.  A walking recording of creaking wood.  Speakers in a room. Composed 1999-2001.  Instruments and treatments by Seth Nehil and Olivia Block except: Kyle Bruckmann, oboe, Chinese oboe;  Michael Northam, objects;  Michael Shannon, reeds.