CORRIDORS: Corridors

sedcd058 | Released in 2010 | 500 copies | $10 Corridors

Viola excerpt  download

Byron Westbrook has been performing CORRIDORS live around the US and EU for the last four years, however this audio cd is the first physical release of the project and Sedimental is ecstatic to be releasing this very committed young artist's debut.  Since 2004 Westrbook has been the technical coordinator for Phill Niblockís Experimental Intermedia Foundation. While assisting and collaborating with Niblock and other luminaries of experimental music, Westbrook began developing CORRIDORS as a multi-channel performance system for live guitar feedback.  Shortly after the completion of a month-long tour with Rhys Chathamís Essentialist, Westbrook began performing the project.  CORRIDORS has since evolved to encompass the improvised performances of other musicians, recordings of which are processed into phrases or texture units for playback from ipod or minidisc players through the multi-channel system.  The results are sweeping and fluctuating textures that place distinct frequencies in different parts of a room, creating an intense opening and closing of space over time for the listener.  The pieces were recorded in large spaces (churches, concert and university halls) using a mixture of binaural and mid/side microphone techniques, to allow for the most accurate imaging in a stereo field.   The recording process spanned a three year period, during which many different performances of the works were documented.  These recordings were carefully edited together, taking the most representative moments of each performance, to make this CD containing three frequently performed pieces.  These pieces are loosely structured works, always performed in conjunction with single or multiple light projections.  An element of improvisation exists within each performance in that every room is different and the sounds respond uniquely to different rooms.  There is a beginning, middle and end that has been worked out, but where the sounds exist and for how long will change for each performance.