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sedcd063 | Released in 2017 | Ltd Edition 300 copies | $12

Red Guitar

Red Guitar is the first solo document from Austin based Aaron Russell, long time guitarist for Weird Weeds and more recently Moonsicles. The disc comprises seven sparse, elegant and hypnotically repetitive meditations for guitar that transfix the listener.



sedcd064 | Released in 2017 | Ltd Edition 300 copies | $12


Cedars is a live document performed in May of this year and is a remarkable collaboration between AF Jones and Derek Rogers both significant players independently in the US experimental electronic music scene. This purely improvised continuous set generated a magical result of unfolding textures, sounds and radiant atmospheres.



sedcd042 | Released in 2006 | 500 copies | $10


Courtis never stops amazing and surprising us with his unbound creativity and openness to new sound forms. This elegant and focused document was a no-brainer for us at Sedimental: pure, hypnotic and straight to the psyche.



sedcd055 | Released in 2010 | Ltd Edition 500 copies | $10


For Zwolfzungen I collected recordings of eleven languages I'm not, or partially, able to speak and understand. Eleven languages I encountered in my travels, whose sound I especially liked. Moreover, I invented a twelfth one, developed and learned during the past years and featured as a last installment of the series. Zwolfzungen could be translated as twelve languages as well as twelve tongues. I try to "misunderstand" each one of those languages as much as I can. They include, among others: Dogo, Basque, Urdu, Mandarin, Cherokee, Japanese and Zulu.


AREA C with BF/BS, Eyes Like Saucers and Mudboy: The Planetarium Project

sed2cd054 | Released in 2009 | Ltd Edition 500 copies | $18

The Planetarium Project

In live collaboration with Black Forest/Black Sea, Eyes Like Saucers and Mudboy Double full length cd release limited to 500 copies housed in a stunning and uniquely designed handmade hand assembled letterpress cardstock sleeve by discerning artist Amy Borezo at her Shelter Bookworks studio in Orange, MA.


Axel Doerner/Greg Kelley/Andrea Neumann/Bhob Rainey: Thanks, Cash

sedcd036 | Released in 2004 | Ltd Edition 500 copies | $10

Thanks, Cash

The music lets light in through dark slats, and is filled with the richness of sound these musicians bring to their best projects. It retains a ‘live’ feel while apparently derived from a tattered, ancient score, reserved for especially confounding times.


Bhob Rainey/Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase: 'Ain’t it Grand' split 7-inch

sed07002 | Released in 2008 | Ltd Edition 350 copies | $7

'Ain’t it Grand' split 7-inch

Here we have a circular cover project, or a which came first, a who is who conundrum. Those who know the respective artists work well enough should be able to suss the jig, and despite a label-less disc there are other ways. So, what do we have here musically? Densely collaged musique concrete-ism edited at a rather brisk pace, essentially. What matters, besides each artist’s specific musical means, is both the sensitivity and the breadth the artists bring to the project. Concise. Humorous. Kick-ass. Classic.


BHOB RAINEY/RALF WEHOWSKY: I don’t think I can see you tonight

sedcd047 | Released in 2007 | Ltd Edition 500 copies | $10

I don’t think I can see you tonight

Five years in the making, a deft, uncomprising collaboration from two masters


BLACK FOREST FIRE: Transit of Venus

SEDlp058 | Released in 2012 | Ltd Edition 500 copies | $12

Transit of Venus

Austin based indie trio fuses highly melodic gems to a melancholic, swirling and hypnotic sonic backdrop marked by ironic lyrics of the modern world gone mad.


BRENDAN MURRAY: Resting Places

sedcd039 | Released in 2004 | Ltd Edition 500 copies | $10

Resting Places

Keeping his head down and focused for the past five years Brendan has emerged as a first rate master of analog electronics. Though still a a bit of a newbie on the world stage there are few in the States that match his intensity. Spacious and dense, this work sends one way out into cold space only to slyly bring one into the head-crushing pressure of diving way too deep. Reference a maximalist Lopez.


CORRIDORS: Corridors

sedcd058 | Released in 2010 | 500 copies | $10


The first full length cd from Byron Westbrook’s Corridors project. Meticulously and seamlessly mixed live guitar drones specifically assembled for this release. Limited to 500 copies and housed in a custom oversized sleeve.


DAVE GROSS/LIZ TONNE: Performing Tonight at 7:30

sed10in01 | Released in 2003 | 500 copies | $7

Performing Tonight at 7:30

A tour document highlighting two exemplary excursions by these leading Boston improvisors. Gross(reeds) and Tonne(voice) teamed up in their hometown of Boston in the Spring of 2001 for their first ever duo performance.


DAVID GROSS aka GDG: things i found to be true

sedcd040 | Released in 2005 | Ltd Edition 500 copies | $10

things i found to be true

Borderline legend of the Boston improv scene, Dave's work has moved from a powerful free style into a complete deconstruction of his instrument: the saxophone. Austere and minimal yet hardly Euro-centric Dave's work on this document is a highly personal and revealing, nay exposed, effort that is emotionally-charged without being emotive. The culmination of over 15 years of exploration.


EKG: No sign

sedcd041 | Released in 2006 | 500 copies | $10

No sign

EKG is the duo of Kyle Bruckmann and Ernst Karel. EKG's music is situated between acoustic and electronic, improvised and premeditated, disruptive and meditative; it crackles and hums with precariously restrained potential energy. Combining traditional and extended wind techniques with anachronistic (non-digital) electronic processing, they carefully sculpt a bizarre yet organic sound world of shifting tones, sudden and creeping textures, elusive suggestions of possible melody, and microscopic noise. No Sign is their third release, combining sessions from makeshift studios amidst Chicago snow and San Francisco fog.



sedcd037 | Released in 2004 | Ltd Edition 500 copies | $10

The Painted Plane

The Northeast based improvising collective features an extended family of musicians including members of Molasses, Thalia Zedek, Consonant, Pullman, Boxhead Ensemble, Willard Grant Conspiracy, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and The New Year. Though all of these artists are involved with significant other projects the EHC has taken on a unique life of it's own. The music is melodic and musical but the open-ended, extended pieces float and shimmer with a minimum of structure and are marked by a nuanced melancholy. Closest musical parallels would include the Dirty Three and the Boxhead Ensemble (of which Curry appears on one recording). Painted Plane features regulars Chris Brokaw on guitar and Jonah Sacks on cello, along with DMC on viola, loop samples, guitar & horn



SEDCD65 | Released in 2018 | Ltd Edition 300 copies | $8

Album No. 1

Ex Mus Ensemble, consisting of core members Colton Lytle, Jolene Masone, and Chaz Underriner, is a new music ensemble of flexible instrumentation specializing in improvised, notated, and experimental music. Album no. 1 is a set of structured improvisations that we created between 2015 and 2017. Our goal was to explore the sonic possibilities of bassoon, guitar, and percussion as a trio.


Francisco Lopez: Untitled Music for Geography

SEDCD024 | Released in 1997 | 500 copies | $10

Untitled Music for Geography

Specially re-mixed material Francisco created for the dance work, Geography, by the The Ralph Lemon Dance Co. which premiered at Yale in New Haven. At the time Francisco already had established himself as an important new composer working with huge pools of silence that then build in time stretching waves of sonic purity. This work is certainly in the vein but there’s also subtle percussive elements woven in, drawn from an African percussion ensemble that performed live during the performance. This is Francisco's seventh cd release.


GABRIEL PAIUK: res extensa

sedcd043 | Released in 2006 | Ltd Edition 500 copies | $10

res extensa

Res Extensa is a tape piece based on the superposition and juxtaposition of different layers of sound or registers. These registers are layers of sound materials related to our everyday sound environment and coming from different origins: marginal sounds from electric devices, analogue sources, field recordings, amplification of micro-sounds, recordings of machine noises, digital errors and music.


GIBSON/RECODER/BLOCK: Aberration of Light: Dark Chamber Disclosure

seddvd#1 | Released in 2014 | 60 copies | $25 SOLD OUT

Aberration of Light: Dark Chamber Disclosure

For our last release we have produced a limited edition DVD release featuring a collaboration of Olivia Block(sound) and Sandra Gibson + Luis Recoder(film visuals). There are two versions(a gallery edition-over sized box, cloth bound) of 30 copies and the �regular� edition (of 60 copies)in heavy cardstock. Both were hand crafted by artisan bookbinder and bookmaker Amy Borezo at her Shelter Bookworks. The gallery edition is sold out The regular edition is $25 ppd within the US, $30 overseas



sedcd035 | Released in 2003 | Ltd Edition 500 copies | $10


A year and a half in the making, this remarkably dense and subtly musical effort marks a rupture/diversion in Ielasi’s creative output. The intersection of electro-acoustic sonogrophies infused with fragments of melancholic melodies creates a near dizzying disorientation


HAIL/SNAIL: How to Live with a Tiger

SEDCD025 | Released in 1998 | 500 copies | $10

How to Live with a Tiger

Sedimental offers the re-release of the classic out of print collaborative recording How To Live With A Tiger between Susanne Lewis and Azalia Snail, known as HAIL/SNAIL. Recorded and released in ‘93 on the now defunct Funky Mushroom label, the album is a critically* lauded mini-masterpiece of idiosyncratic indie-pop psychedelia, featuring both artists unique approach to the song form while cross pollinating each other’s sound.


Kyle Bobby Dunn: Fragments & Compositions

sedcd052 | Released in 2008 | Ltd Edition 500 copies | $10

Fragments & Compositions

Sedimental has been following Dunn’s sensitive and world-wise drone works closely for many years (keep in mind he is only 21 now), and with this brilliant new release we expect to expand his presence on many levels.



sedcd056 | Released in 2010 | Ltd Edition 500 copies | $10

Ray of Dark

Boston based electronic artists whose work recalls certain bleak atmospheres and sensibilities of many mid-80s post industrial artists: menacing, pulsating, and droning. Her work is not overt or obvious though, instead inserting its way into your system like a deadly parasite or virus. The order of material on the disc was skillfully assembled to work as whole in this way and we recommend listening to it rather loudly with the shades drawn.


MAWJA: Old Dutch Masters

sedcd072 | Released in 2023 | Ltd Edition 300 copies | $10

Old Dutch Masters

SEDIMENTAL is delighted to bring to light this long overdue release of material from 2007 of the distinctive and esteemed improvising trio MAWJA (Mike Bullock, Mazen Kerbaj and Vic Rawlings) during their residency at STEIM in Amsterdam (NL). Already established as highly respected improvisors, both Bullock and Rawlings being key figures in the fertile improvising scene of Boston codified as “lowercase” and Kerbaj instigating and synergizing the free music scene in Lebanon simultaneously, the trio came together in 2004 while Kerbaj was in the U.S. for the first time. The trio (MAWJA) collaborated extensively between 2005-2007 with two documents emerging: Studio One (2007) on Kerbaj’s then recently established Al Maslakh label and the companion Live One (2007, Chloe).



sedcd032 | Released in 2002 | 1000 copies | $10

four stills

Sedimental’s first release for 2002, Four Stills, is from new york composer/guitarist Michael J. Schumacher. Schumacher has a strong presence on the experimental scene with his refined guitar “drone” compositions but parallel to this activity he has been working with number system applications of sampled material through electronics, a direct extension of his audio installations.



sedcd048 | Released in 2007 | 500 copies | $10

Flore de Cataclysmo

A powerful, cohesive and highly intelligent improvisational document.


MIKE BULLOCK: Figures Without Ground

SEDCD061 | Released in 2013 | Ltd Edition 250 copies | $15

Figures Without Ground

Available October 1! At last, a major release for the Boston based Bullock presenting his tremendous compositional abilities as a sound artist of the highest order. Small edition vinyl.


Novi_Sad: Jailbirds

sedcd053 | Released in 2008 | Ltd Edition 500 copies | $10


1) Komdu! Hvert? 21:06 2) Torched estates 19:40 limited to 500 copies and housed in our plastic-free gatefold sleeves with spine, art design by cs08


Olivia Block: Pure Gaze

SEDCD02 | Released in 1999 | 500 copies | $10

Pure Gaze

The debut release from the talented Chicago-based composer Olivia Block. In the few short years of her re-location from Austin, Texas to Chicago she has become a noted figure within its underground and experimental circles performing at the Women’s Avant Fest(Lounge Ax) in ‘97, The Eye of the Ear Sound Festival(Links Hall) in ‘98, and Women Mixing in Sound Festival(Artemesia Gallery) in ‘98, as well as playing trumpet for a Palace Bros. Project and colloborating in live performance with Pauline Oliveros.



sedcd044 | Released in 2007 | Ltd Edition 500 copies | $10 SOLD OUT

Heave To

Olivia Block’s “Heave To” is her fourth full release under her own name(her first two are on sedimental, the most recent on jason kahn’s cut label) and marks both a new maturity in her compositional prowess and also a new confidence.



sedcd062 | Released in 2013 | Ltd Edition 500 copies | $15


Available October 1! The long awaited new vinyl only release(with digital download code) of two new compositions from Sedimental label anchor Olivia Block featuring the Chicago Composers Orchestra.



sedcd031 | Released in 2001 | 1000 copies | $10

Mobius Fuse

Sedimental’s release of the second cd from Chicago based electro-acoustic composer Olivia Block titled Mobius Fuse. This much anticipated follow up to her critically acclaimed debut Pure Gaze(sed cd028) continues her rich and unique exploration of both acoustic and electronic sounds reaching a depth and level of emotional intensity rarely heard in the field.



sedcd034 | Released in 2003 | 500 copies | $10

sunder, unite

Sunder, Unite began with the destruction of musical sources through the insertion of silence and/or faulty connection.


PARASHI: tape from oort cloud

Sed066/Skell023 | Released in 2020 | Ltd Edition 200 copies | $15

tape from oort cloud

vinyl only full-length album, limited to 200 copies SEDIMENTAL is honored to partner with SKELL to release the latest majestic work from Mike Griffin’s PARASHI: tape from oort cloud. Griffin has honed a cryptic aesthetic over the years: a type of noisy hermeticism in which elegance and refinement are fused to intense, sonically disparate noise-based electronics and sound sources. Over the two sides and four tracks Griffin conjures up complex, heavy, and nuanced narrative terrain that triggers buried images and emotions.


PISAURA: Asteraceae

SEDCD067 | Released in 2020 | Ltd Edition 200 copies | $15


SEDIMENTAL proudly brings you a remarkable new document from PISAURA, released for the Summer Solstice the 3rd week of June. PISAURA is Michael Pisaro-Liu and Zizia (Amber Wolfe+Jarrod Fowler). The document is a 72-minute compact disc in plastic free gatefold eco-sleeve. Asteraceae presents a hermetic world of shifting densities, dynamics, and spatialities that rewards endless listening as sequenced or on shuffle play. The 72-minutes of Asteraceae were composed from field recordings of performances around Los Angeles during winter 2018-2019. Pisaura used astrological charts to determine patterns of composing, performing, recording, and producing music with celestial and terrestrial rhythms. The 24-tracks contain sounds of site-specific recordings and natural objects, plus audio created according to astrological archetypes. The overall process is a combination of both highly rigorous systems and indeterminate aspects.


RAMBUTAN: Parallel Systems (2xCD)

SEDCD069/TD112 | Released in 2021 | 300 copies | $18

Parallel Systems (2xCD)

Two CDs of 146 minutes of thirty-three audio collages created with original contributions from 69 artists from 9 countries including members of Fugazi, Minutemen, Mission of Burma, Trumans Water, Sebadoh, Olivia Tremor Control, Wolf Eyes, Reynols, and a host of contemporary sound explorers


Riccardo Dillon Wanke: Caves

sedcd051 | Released in 2008 | 500 copies | $10


Riccardo Dillon Wanke’s Caves was composed and recorded in 2006 in Alfama (historical district of Lisbon, Portugal) using acoustic and electric guitars, saxophones and natural sound elements starting from pure radical improvisation evolving into the investigation of drones and static and looped music related to minimalism



sedcd057 | Released in 2010 | 500 copies | $10

to r.s.

“to r.s.” is the latest release by Riccardo Dillon Wanke, who uses electric and acoustic guitars, acoustic piano, objects and natural sounds. The 53 minutes of this unique piece divided in four parts combine static compositions, drones and looped music. Structurally viewed as a classical composition, the music take shape with flat harmonic profiles and acoustic events that are layered and coupled together in elliptical and hypnotic loops and echoes. The piece is dedicated to and inspired by Robert Schumann's music.


RICK REED: The Symmetry of Telemetry

eeaoa66/SEDLP070 | Released in 2023 | Ltd Edition 200 copies | $20

The Symmetry of Telemetry

ELEVATOR BATH and SEDIMENTAL are honored to release the newest work from legendary Texas-based electronic musician RICK REED, arguably the linchpin of Austin’s experimental scene for the past few decades. Reed’s distinguished reputation has been justifiably lauded and this new collection of works is thus cause for celebration.


SETH CLUETT: My Own Thousand Shatterings

sedcd038 | Released in 2004 | Ltd Edition 500 copies | $10

My Own Thousand Shatterings

Conceptualist and sonic theoretician Cluett debuts with a deep resonating masterwork. A full immersion experience that dissolves time.


SILLAGE(B. Murray & S. Nehil): sillage

sedcd049 | Released in 2007 | Ltd Edition 500 copies | $10


Sillage is the mind-blowing collaboration of Brendan Murray and Seth Nehil and is the result of a first meeting in a live setting from 2004, a performance that was loud, powerful, and very successful.


Stars of the Lid: Music for Nitrous Oxide(re-issue)

SEDCD023 | Released in 2009 | 1000 copies | $20

Music for Nitrous Oxide(re-issue)

STARS OF THE LID’S 1994 classic debut re-issued with new mastering and artwork!! Stars of the Lid-Music for Nitrous Oxide compact disc, 79 minutes (sedcd023) first pressing 1000 copies. Full color digi-packs


STEAFANO PILIA: the suncrows fall and tree

sedcd045 | Released in 2007 | 500 copies | $10

the suncrows fall and tree

The new document contains two 20-minute long sound arcs that are sweeping and focused, essentially drone pieces. They are beautiful in their restraint but not “pretty” and are grounded in the subtle use of acoustic and natural sound elements.


THE LOVELIGHT SISTERS: A Day for Fainting Fairies (DVD+CD)

sedcd/dvd068 | Released in 2022 | 300 copies | $15

A Day for Fainting Fairies (DVD+CD)

From the creative well of upper Franklin County in the Pioneer Valley of Western, MA springs the Lovelights Sisters, a lovingly crafted Childrens’s TV Program featuring five magical sisters: Chella, Viola, Novella, Elda and Dot as they prepare for a Ladies Club tea party. Debuted in 2019 the program is a swirling feast of eye candy packed with song, incidental music and everything else in between. Charming, idiosyncratic, and irrestibile for all ages. DVD features the full first episode plus bonus films (105 minutes) CD is the complete soundtrack of eighteen tracks featuring Big Blood, Jeremy Pisani, Ruth Garbus, Leaf Peepers, Liz Tonne, Feathers, Wendy Eisenberg, and many more (46 minutes)



sedcd050 | Released in 2007 | Ltd Edition 500 copies | $10

In Six Parts

The first five parts are static, lean, and pinpointed explorations of high pitches, specific gestures of scrapes and buzzes. Cold, but organic. Sparse, but rich. Feeney does provide a modicum of warmth as heard on Part Six, the final section of the disc, which acts an emotional counterweight to the previous five


TONALAMOTL: Mo(ve)mentsum

sedcd033 | Released in 2003 | Ltd Edition 500 copies | $10


Three long extended explorations using percussion, electronics, home made gadgets, etc. Certainly this has roots in the likes of Morphogenesis, AMM and even Polwechsel but this is American music, from Texas no less, so check your pale complexions and copies of “Les Particules Elementaires” at the door.


Various Artists: Town and Country #1

v/a-Dbl 7 | Released in 1993 | 500 copies | $5

Town and Country #1

Our very first release was this lovely little item, the music expressing the innocence of just starting up a label, the artists personal favorites of mine, and the double 7” format expressing the ambition and desire to be a little different. It was well received and sold fairly well given sedimental was new and the artists were still fairly unknown. Obviously volume #1 implies further volumes. Maybe someday we will do another. Occasionally I encounter someone who tells me they bought this when it came out and it really makes my day. Still in print.



SEDLP060 | Released in 2012 | Ltd Edition 500 copies | $12


Sedimental is honored to be releasing a vinyl only release of all new material from this enigmatic and compelling Austin cadre.